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Honeymoon Circus, 2008

A crab boil in the backyard, cancer eats away the shell, newspaper, corn, picnic table, house, grass, memories. Childhood traumas, long since shelved away, suddenly bob in an ocean of guilt, the salt from which flavors the food and burns in wounds. Cry at the kitchen table and spit at the sky, but the musty basement smell lingers endlessly. And after a long fight they finally recognize us as human, but with conditions, and not entirely. So, the beat goes on, bass drum booming under a big top made of meat. Release us from the prison of childhood and expect us to function in a world of wardens who reluctantly open any door to us. Waves crash as does the economy, yet failed systems continue full steam ahead. We pledge allegiance to each other and bury our broken hearts and minds in the sand. Seals bark and clowns honk while scavenger seabirds hold court at land’s end.

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