We Are The Dead

Tis of Thee, 2013 An Acrylic Painting by Artist Bill Rangel
'Tis of Thee, 2013
48"W x 24"H acrylic on canvas

After Charlottesville, the world seems poisoned or infected with a deadly virus that’s rapidly eating people away, brains first. The song reverberating in my ears in David Bowie’s “We Are The Dead,” especially the line, “It’s the theater of financiers / Count them, fifty ‘round the table / White and dressed to kill.” The leader of the free world is a neo-Nazi and white supremacist sympathizer. No matter what he subsequently said, his initial response to the violence in Charlottesville was not to call them out, which, any way you look at it, was an attempt to normalize them and support their efforts. That’s our new reality. And millions of Americans still stand with Trump, and even the GOP continue propping him up. Between 1933-1945, under a Nazi flag, genocide was Hitler's ultimate goal. He murdered millions of people who didn’t pass his purity test. Neo-Nazi's paraded the same Nazi flag through the streets of Charlottesville, along with other white supremacist groups including the Ku Klux Klan, boasting that their end goal is the same as Hitler's. And Trump gave them all a pass. In essence, he told America and the world to go fuck yourself, morality is dead, and we are all his slaves. Then, Trump chose to refer to the Confederate monuments as beautiful, knowing full well they were erected during the Jim Crow era as a way to continue intimidating black people. And then on Monday during the eclipse, he stared at the sun without eye protection. I mean that picture alone is what one should see if you look up the word "moron." And still his supporters gather, they cheer, they think he’s great. Even Steve Mnuchin, our Secretary of the Treasury, upon receiving a letter from hundreds of his esteemed Yale alumni, pointing out that his boss is a Nazi sympathizer, plugged his ears like the Vancome Lady and shouted, “La la la la la la.” That’s not what Steve wanted to hear. Apparently, he only has ears for money, and fuck you too America. Steve can't imagine why anyone would think his boss is a racist, even though Trump's a well-documented racist who's publicly spewed racist sentiments throughout his entire career, even to this day. Steve must think that if he turns a blind eye, he'll benefit from helping Trump get away with murder. Their patriarchal, authoritarian, egomaniacal, sexist, criminal fuck you term in office will not end well, for us or the rest of the world. “Because of all we’ve seen, because of all we’ve said / We are the dead."

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