Chip Away, 2016

The lines are long; the weather is a constant reminder of being outside, “security” is their word for surveillance, boots on the ground, don’t tread on me. The effortlessness of oppression, strokes of pens, society reflects the rich man's stilted image, “Lock them up.” The government pulls the plug on the arts to secure its war chest. Olympia flips the bird, men writhe in horror and retaliate with stilettos. Her hands tied to a headboard; her safe word is banned, he kills all the children and blames her for sins of the flesh. Sandcastles have more structural integrity than capitalism. All the children on the merry-go-round vomit, so the Carney spins it as a weight loss miracle. Fire hoses, riot gear, martial law, drone strikes, nuclear weapons, endless war; life is life-threatening. Between raping and pillaging the land and its people, the robber barons are busy buying up paintings and stockpiling them away to increase their “value.” He gets on a stolen plane, flies to an off-the-books building where he enters an office acquired by cheating, to crush people; he is a god. 

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