Stars and Stripes, 2012

A turnstile of witches, “Burn them all!” Yes, Satan is busy, his disguises so deceiving, "We must suspect everyone, especially those who cause our pricks to rise when we stare at them." Scapegoats of powerful men, they’ll convince you that you're not, that’s their job, “Pit them against each other, their hatred will line our pockets with gold!” It’s as simple as salt, routine as rot. Peddle the flesh of children, enslave the elderly, skewer young men on flagpoles and call it all patriotism. Dollar bills are thin slices of souls; the walking dead pull strings while mothers push out babies over a mass grave we call a country. The “smartest man in the room” tanks the economy and rides a golden parachute into the sunset. The world hates us and knows we’re backward, but our leaders interpret that as envy. There’s no hope for people who can think of genocide as a solution and slavery as a good idea, but for our founders, that was just the kickoff, and we’re now heading for the fourth quarter.

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